Offering a better solution

to deliver accounting and bookkeeping services to businesses

Offering a better solution

to deliver accounting and bookkeeping services to businesses

The Shoebox Group are here to help reduce your business costs and save you time!

The Shoebox Group came about because we knew there was a better way to deliver an accounting and bookkeeping service to businesses without the costly fees and clocked support.

We believe to become a successful business you need to focus entirely on the purpose of your business and anything that is not directly part of your business purpose, or part of your skill set, like bookkeeping and tax returns, is better outsourced. Thus, saving you money, time and stress!

We understand that not everyone is a wiz when it comes to understanding the principles of accounting, or keep up with current legislation while successfully using accounting software. Shoebox group can take responsibility for all aspects of your bookkeeping and accounting, and we can manage your payroll, so you’ll sleep easy at night knowing you’ll be free to focus all your resources on what your business does best.

Shoebox works as one of your team, an ‘out of office’ office assistant. We also have fixed fees that we offer EVERY client, and discounts too if you already have some great accounting software or processes in place.

Please get in touch for more information about how the Shoebox Group can help with your business with our accounting solutions.

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See how The Shoebox Group can take care of all your Accountancy worries.

What does it cost?

Check out our affordable accountancy rates for small to medium sized businesses.

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Let Shoebox take the hassle off your hands so you can concentrate on building your business, not chasing the beans!